Corporate responsibility

Proactively taking responsibility for social issues is a part of our corporate identity and culture. We firmly believe that fairness, environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility do not run contrary to the success of our company.

Environmental protection

We are "at home outdoors". The conservation of our forests, rivers, lakes, deserts and seas is one of our top priorities. We never stop working to further optimise our environmental commitment – at all levels. Big and small.

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Sustainable products

Products made of recycled material, our ban on PFCs, rejecting the use of fur and Angora wool – our sustainability goals spur us on to develop green and innovative materials. For us, being "at home outdoors” not only means enjoying the natural world, but doing everything in our power to preserve and protect it.

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Social responsibility

Safe and fair working conditions at the production sites of our suppliers are a fundamental requirement for any business relationship. All manufacturers have committed to complying with our Code of Conduct. We help them meet this commitment – and we have already achieved a great deal together.

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Transparent supply chain

Our product supply chains are highly complex, which is why it is so important for us to know those involved in our supply chain and to make the chain sustainable. We publish the list of our partners, with detailed information on each company, in a transparent way – i.e. visible to everyone on our website.

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