To ensure secure purchases from the JACK WOLFSKIN online shop, we offer the following convenient payment options:

visa amex mc maestro paypal dw_apple_pay google_pay

To protect your personal details when paying online, we use approved encryption technology:

All personal and transaction details entered on our website are transmitted to us encrypted with Global Sign/SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and treated confidentially. The green bar in the URL guarantees a secure connection and the complete encryption of all data.

visa amex mc maestro

You can pay simply and safely with your credit card on the JACK WOLFSKIN online shop. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. To protect against the misuse of data, we use 3-D Secure technology for credit card payments. This means that your payment is only authorised once you have authenticated it with your credit card provider using a personal password. To place your order using a credit card, we require your card number, your credit card company, the validity period of the card and its CVC number.


For quick and easy payment, you can also pay via PayPal on the JACK WOLFSKIN online shop. If you select the PayPal payment option, you will be automatically taken to your PayPal page after clicking “Continue”. There, you can pay using your email address and your password. Your PayPal account will be immediately debited with the relevant purchase amount. You don’t have to be a registered PayPal customer to be able to use this payment method. Simply sign up for PayPal during the course of the payment process. You can link your PayPal account to your bank account or credit card. Your payment details will then be retained in your PayPal account and do not have to be entered for each new online purchase. If you wish to set up a PayPal account, you can register here:

Apple Pay

People with Apple devices can use Apple Pay in the JACK WOLFSKIN Online Shop by using the Safari browser. This is available on an iPhone, iPad, Mac (with or without Touch ID).

You can easily pay for the items ordered without having to create an account in the Shop, inputting credit card data or filling out tedious address fields.

And, as a result of confirming your purchase with Face ID, Touch ID, PIN code or by typing in a code on your iPhone or Apple watch (depending on what device was used), you can be certain that the purchases are made by yourself alone.

Google Pay

Google offers everyone who has a Google account the option of storing credit cards, debit cards and electronic payment methods which can be used for payment in the JACK WOLFSKIN Online Shop.

All you need to do is to log into your Google account. JACK WOLFSKIN does not receive any details about your credit card, solely confirmation and the address information required, in order to be able to dispatch the goods immediately. This means that you only have log in once and do not have to type in your address details as this information is already stored. Consequently, you do not have to reveal your account details.

A payment option that has been stored as well as a billing and delivery address are not required when paying with Google Pay. This can be done during payment.