So what is left to discover?

We truly believe that discovery is what drives us in life. By connecting with nature we are not only able to reconnect with ourselves but with one another.

This season our Discovery Team leads the way in showing the value that discovery adds to their lives. In specific activities they each welcome us to experience their own sense of discovery.

Bear Grylls

For Adventurer, Documentary Filmmaker and Survival Trainer, Bear Grylls, Discovery means always being hungry to explore the unknown.

What Bear Grylls thinks about Discovery
Bear Grylls

Bear has always been curious, never still but eager to discover off trodden paths.

... Bear puts himself against the challenges of Mother Nature over and over again.

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Snowy landscape
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Bear GryllsSnowy landscape

Angela Neururer

For Mountain Girl, Nature Live and Creator, Angela Neururer, Discovery means being where she loves to be the most — out in the mountains.

Angela close

Angela calms her mind skitouring, snowboarding, and enjoying the beauty of the forest with all senses.

Especially mountain lakes have a relaxing aura to her: “It’s the combination of crystal-clear water, mountain panorama and silence which fills my heart with joy.”

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Angela laughs Snowy landscape Angela with ski stick Two people skiing in the snow

Eric Larsen

For Polar Adventurer, Expedition Guide and Cancer Survivor, Eric Larsen, Discovery means saying ‘yes’ to the most extreme challenges life holds for you.

Eric with headlamp

Eric is an absolute expert in setting goals for himself that most people don’t even dream of.

But, to him, non of his fights through the ice, snow and cold of North and South Pole or Mount Everest stretched him to his limits as his fight against cancer did.

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Eric on skis Eric with sledge Snowy landscape Eric unpacks his luggage

Gürel Sahin

For Landscape Photographer and Creator, Gürel Sahin, Discovery means taking a spontaneous road trip with a friend to one of his favourite photo spots.

Gürel with camera

For Gürel there is no better place for hunting the perfect sunrise shot than the dolomites.

Join him on a demanding night hike to show us what Discovery means to him: Being outdoors hunting for the Golden Hour.

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Gürel hiking Gürel with another person from a distance Gürel unpacking camera Gürel with another man
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Gürel with camera and backpackLandscape

Anna Heupel

For Blogger, Photographer and self-chosen part-time Swede, Anna Heupel, Discovery means being breave enough to follow your inner voice and strive for a life of simplicity and freedom.

Anna with camera

Through her work and her photographs, Anna wants to motivate people to live a free lifestyle.

For her there hasn’t been a bigger Discovery than relocating her life to her new part-time home: A cozy, tiny cabin in the midst of the Swedish forest.

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Anna taking photos Anna taking pictures Snowy landscape Anna with camera in snow
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Anna equipped in snow landscapeSnowy landscape
Three people in the snow
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